Parkinson’s disease is often associated with swallowing difficulties, reduced talking volume and slurred speech. Swallowing exercises may be recommended. The LSVT Loud programme is an intensive effective therapy programme for reduced volume and slurred speech. It is easy to follow and achieves results.

A cough can be caused by a number of factors other than colds and flu – for example, side effects of medications, pulmonary fibrosis, anxiety and stress, dehydration due to improper swallowing. Once all medical conditions have been ruled out as the cause of your cough, then a speech pathologist can provide strategies to help minimize the cough.
Swallowing can be divided into three main areas – oral/mouth, pharynx/throat and esophagus/food. A speech pathologist is an expert in the first two stages of swallowing and will be able to diagnose and help treat your condition.

This will depend on your condition and treatment plan. I will discuss this with you after the initial consultation. If you have an iPad or smartphone, we can also talk about home exercises that can reduce the number of follow-up exercise sessions.

A referral is required for a video fluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS)/modified barium swallow (MBS) evaluation with a speech therapist if you wish to apply through Medicare (referrals for chronic conditions only) or if you have a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Card.
Although not essential, it may be a good idea to bring your partner or carer to the session, especially if they will be helping you with treatment or monitoring.!
This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. then spends another 30 to 60 minutes analyzing the study with the radiologist and writing the report.